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Beautiful Smile Hiding Troubled Soul

"Do not lie. Your words are your word, don't forget that."

Pedro Paixão - Muito, Meu Amor


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Always remember the rule of the tree:
whatever you do comes back to thee.

- Wicca Wisdom -

It's amazing what you can do when you
don't have to look at yourself in the mirror anymore.

- Hollow Man -

Beauty, do you know what beauty does to us? It freezes us. Sometimes it makes us scary little children, just about to cry.

- Pedro Paixão - Muito, Meu Amor -

It will be my first revenge:
I will die because of love, but my love will die with me.

- Pedro Paixão - Nos teus braços morreriamos -



It is to know where we come from, to have a story and a destiny, it is to not be alone and lost in a world that doesn't belong to anyone.

- Pedro Paixão - Boa Noite -

We drink coffee to make public space our living room.
We cross the street and try to remember why we left home.
How we walk, talk, eat, relax is negotiated onto the scale of the public site.
- Bershka Adverts -

To try and remember a picture is to codemn it to fade, to rehearse a memory is to push it far away, risking losing it forever.

- Pedro Paixão - Amor Portátil -