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Beautiful Smile Hiding Troubled Soul

Welcome to Supernova Heights

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11-11-2001 - Long long time since I'd last been here... almost forgot about this thing ;) *bangs head on the wall*
Today's update will be small-ish, but I'll be sure to come back and put up more poetry and stuff... so... come back!! Ok now, back to work ;) Keep on using the Touch Me section to get to me, I'll try and get a guestbook soon :)
Cheers *Ines*

Hi and welcome to everyone who bothered coming here :)

This is my 2nd attempt to make my own website, and it's as crappy as the 1st time I tried doing it hehe :)

This will work as a place where I can show some of my work, the things I like, and just something to keep me off boredom hehehe :)

Up to now I've started a couple sections, but they're still under construction.

On the Scribbles section of the site you'll find random quotes taken from a small notebook I always carry with me. Some of the quotes are from books I read, others from films, adverts, basically anything :) I can't possibly put there all that I've collected, so I'll change them regularly.

On the Poe Tree you can find some of my work. As most of it is in portuguese, I'm thinking about putting my favourite songs' lyrics there too, or poetry by other people that woud like to see their work here. If you have work you'd like to send me you can do that through the Touch Me section, and I'll get back to you :) This section will be updated often too with different poems and written work :)

Check the other sections of the site, and don't forget to tell me your opinion and/or any suggestions. I'll get a guestbook in here as soon as I can, but meanwhile, use the Touch Me section for that :)

And be sure to come back often ;)

See you all again very soon :)

* InÍs *


I'm In Love

* sigh *

HELPPP!!!!! hehe


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