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Beautiful Smile Hiding Troubled Soul
Me Myself And I

"The world is a stage and life is a game of sound and fury, played by a mad man"

Erasmus of Rotterdam


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*** Updated ;) ***

Ok so I couldn't have my website without telling who I am, right? ;)

So here are the facts:

* Name: Ines (this thing doesn't support my correct name :p)

* Aka: Sally

* Birth Date: 06-May-1982

* Age: 19 y.o.

* Nationality: Portuguese

* Physical Description: as seen in the very bad picture (and old, I must say) of me, that sadly is the only one I've got scanned --- I'm working on having some new ones soon hehe ;p
*** sooo... new pic!! thanx to mr hydro for that :) ***

* Studies: 1st Year of Marketing (ISCTE - Lisbon)

* Music: mainly brit-pop, indie, alternative and some punk too if I'm in the right mood. Bands like oasis, blur, coldplay, ash, air, silverchair, plasticine, klepht, dandy warhols, pulp, cast, kula shaker, bis, divine comedy, elastica, gorillaz, kinks, travis, wannadies, placebo, stereophonics, suede, radiohead and popsicle are among my over-5gb mp3 collection :)

* Other Likes: art (architecture, interior design, painting, literature, poetry), internet, travelling (uk++), sleeping, daydreaming :p

* Favourite colours: red and purple. Really dark shades of :)

* Zodiac Sign: Taurus